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Recently, I’ve had the chance to talk with several different people about putting their home on the market for sale.  I really enjoy meeting them and like to see their homes. I help them understand why a professional, local Miami Dade Realtor can get their home the most exposure in their market and increase their odds of selling.
Everyone has different reasons for moving, but there are certain questions that everyone should ask themselves before they decide to list their home on the market...such as...
Are you motivated to sell?
Why are you considering selling your home?  Is it because you have a job offer in another state and need to be there by a certain date (motivated) or is it because you just want to see what the market will bear (not so motivated)?  Motivated sellers are prepared to do everything they can to position their home as the best value in the neighborhood…a recipe for success.  Non-motivated sellers need to be prepared to sit back and just see what happens…a recipe for frustration when most areas of Miami Dade are still a buyer’s market.
Do you understand the current real estate market in Miami-Dade?
I consider it my duty to provide you with ALL of the information needed to understand what’s happening in our market.  Not just how much the house down the street sold for, but whether or not they provided a home warranty, a repair allowance or closing cost assistance to the buyers.  While your former neighbors may boast “We got our asking price”, they typically won’t tell you that they then provided 3 to 6% of that price in assistance to the purchaser for closing costs and/or repairs!   It’s important for you to know as much about your neighborhood market as I do and you can do that by reviewing recent Miami Real Estate market reports. on my web page.
Are you realistic about pricing?
Pricing is almost always a sticking point, since most home owners think their house is worth more than the market will support.  But it boils down to just a few facts...
FACT 1: Appraisers will not consider any sales that happened more than six months ago as comparable properties.  Remember, your home must appraise for the contract price for the buyer to get financing on it.
FACT 2: While some upgrades to your home may provide an increase in value, items replaced as part of the ongoing maintenance of a house (roof, water heater, air conditioning, appliances) do not add value and do not raise the price a buyer will be willing to pay. 
FACT 3: The comparable sales in your neighborhood that we use to determine a fair listing price are the same numbers that a buyer’s agent will be using to determine what is considered a fair offer for your home.
These are just a few facts that you might want to keep in mind.
Are you prepared to clean, repair (if necessary) and set up your home to get it SOLD?
Some of my clients have sometimes complained that I give them too much to do to get their homes ready for the market.  But, there is a method and a reason for the to-do list that needs to be completed before the photos are taken or the first agent or buyer ever sets foot through the door. There are a few reasons for this.
Reason 1- You only have one chance to impress the agents and buyers when they are viewing photos of your home online.  All it takes is a quick look through one of the online real estate sites to see what a poor job many people are doing of presenting the best features of their homes.  The homes that are best prepared and have the most attractive photos are the ones that catch the buyers attention and get the most showings.
Reason 2- You only have one opportunity to impress the buyer when they visit.  If they are distracted by all of the small unfinished details/things that need to be done in the house or they are turned off by dirt or odors, you’ve lost them and the possibility of an offer.
Reason 3- Preparation is something most homeowners don’t do or the realtor they are working with fails to advise them properly. If done correctly and you are motivated to sell, then there will be a reason for the success of your home being sold. There might be costs involved in this preparation. How does your home look from the street? Does your home look well maintained? Landscaping is supposed to enhance the appearance of your home, not hide your home from view. It could vary for each home, depending on whether a home needs minor work or more in depth changes such as repairing anything that is broken or damaged. Minor preparation could be rearranging your existing furniture to make your home look more appealing. Remember, preparing right could be the reason for getting a higher offer.

Some other suggestions include..

Create a welcoming entry.  If you paint nothing else, at least give the front door a fresh coat of paint.  Replace broken doorbells, screens, and light fixtures.  Sweep the porch and knock away the spider webs.  Get an attractive welcome mat for people to wipe their feet on as they enter the home.

Get out the trimmers.  Trim back overgrown shrubs so that they are no higher than the bottom of the windows.  Trim trees so that they don't block the view of your home and there is room for you to walk under them.

Accessorize.  Don't overlook other opportunities for adding color to your home.  Hanging baskets or flower pots as well a nice furniture arrangement can add tremendous appeal to your home.
Are you prepared to make it easy for agents to show your home to their buyers?
With so many homes on the market now, agents are narrowing their focus to the ones that not only meet their buyer’s needs and budgets, but also those that they know they can get into quickly or easily.  In a perfect world, everyone would give 24 hours notice for a showing.  In the real world, buyers see a home for sale that was not on their original list and want to see it at the last minute.  Flexibility in setting appointments is crucial.
Is your house in shape for a thorough home inspection?
No house is perfect.  That said, neglecting maintenance issues can lead to another whole round of negotiations after inspections are done.  In fact, if there are problems that cause the buyer enough concern, they can simply cancel the contract without even asking for repairs to be done. 
I recommend that you consider having a professional pre-inspection of your home before putting it on the market.  Being able to share the home inspector’s report and a record of any subsequent repairs can go a long way toward easing a buyer’s mind about the condition of your home.
Now you are ready? Let’s go!

If after reading all these important points mentioned above, you now feel ready to sell your home, then you are in the right place. Contact me and I will set up a free consultation as well as prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for your home without any obligation. We will get your home SOLD!!


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