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Get Pre-Approved Before You Decide To Buy Your New Home:
You need to know how much you can spend before you go out shopping for a new home. That’s what Pre-Qualifying is all about! One of the most important decisions you will have to make when purchasing a new home is how you will plan to finance your new property. The sooner you do this and establish a realistic price range, the more successful your search will be. Our team and I will guide you through this important and necessary process and ensure you receive the financing that will suit your needs.
The first step once you have decided to buy your new home is to contact a mortgage broker or lender that will give you a more precise idea of the price range you will qualify for. You will need to take into consideration if the property has a homeowners fee that will also be part of your monthly payment. Also, make sure you ask the mortgage broker if the taxes would be included in your mortgage or not.
Let us know if you need recommendations for any mortgage brokers or lenders that can assist you regarding your financing needs. We work with many reputable companies that will be more than happy to help you and offer you the best rates in today’s market. Let us direct you in the right direction and we assure that your closing will be a total success!

In the Pre-Qualification process, you will find out:
      • Exactly how much you will be able to afford when purchasing a new home or land.
      • How much cash you will need for the down payment.
      • How much cash you will need for closing costs.
      • What the minimum down payment is and what are the advantages of bigger down payments.
      • What the bank feels you can afford for a monthly payment.
      • What your current credit score is…And more.
I work with buyers every day and most of the time, I help them get pre-qualified so they can start in the right direction. Any information you give me is held private and confidential. I will not distribute your information with anyone other than my preferred mortgage broker as long as you give me permission to.

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